CFO of DASAN Zhone Solutions

Mikhail Golomb

CFO of DASAN Zhone Solutions

A hands-on company builder, Michael’s background as an entrepreneurial CFO with three exits behind him, is the culmination of twenty years of senior management experience across a broad spectrum of industries. His expertise has been successfully applied across verticals ranging from startups to large public corporations including Blockchain, manufacturing, digital health & medical devices, consumer… Continue Reading

How Blockchain Could Change the Music Industry

While digital currencies have yet to achieve mainstream use, blockchain—the technology that supports all cryptocurrency exchanges—has continued to gain renown in recent years. The use of blockchain technology has expanded considerably since it was first introduced by its anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and according to a recent article on, it is expected to have a… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Own Bitcoins

Bitcoin has earned a lot of attention in the news over the last year due to its growth in value, most recently peaking at $5,013 for a single bitcoin on September 1, 2017. While there has been some debate among economists about what the future of bitcoin holds, many people around the world continue to… Continue Reading